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H&M x Sabya

Aathirai Rajasekar | August 11, 2021

The much speculated collab (especially for us Indians) is out and here’s my two cents. I went through an emotional roller coaster while looking at the pieces and I hope to share at least 10% of that with you guys! We know the impact Sabya has on the majority of women in India! Just like many of them, I too have dreamt about wearing Sabya on my big day. However, once you get past the dreaminess, I have a newfound respect for the brand for being size and gender inclusive. They have definitely paved the way for modern brides and women who like to dress to conquer the world! Sabyasachi is an aspirational designer wear whereas on the other hand, H&M is a go to brand for everyday wear. I assume we all have at least one piece of clothing from H&M in our wardrobe. Moreover, for a fast fashion brand, they’re fairly inclusive (but still have a long way to go).

Honestly, two of the biggest names in fashion coming together should be exciting. However, on the contrary, the collection doesn’t really make the cut! One of the off putting things about this collaboration is their sizing. Some of the pieces don’t have sizes above L and that is quite disheartening. Moving past that blunder, the pieces themselves were subpar. I can see myself possibly buying something from the collection for the hype or to own an original Sabya without costing me a fortune but apart from that I’m not too sold on the pieces.

The chiffon saree and the kaftan were a bit of a let down but the broderie dress and the sequin ensemble came through. I personally love Sabya’s color palette but this collection was a bit drab. The only thing that caught my attention for more than a few seconds was the jewellery. Funnily, I expected more from the men’s collection, sigh.

I don’t know if my expectations were too high or the pieces themselves weren’t worth the razzmatazz. I would give it a 6.5/10 and the fashionista in me isn’t as pumped as I thought she’d be.

Well, here’s our recco on what to buy:

  1. If you are willing to splurge a bit, then I’d place my bets on this beautiful sequined piece. This definitely has the quintessential Sabya touch. Rating: 7.5/10

  2. If you want to stay true to the nature of the collaboration, i.e designer meets fast fashion, then go for the applique t-shirts. Elegant and easy! Rating: 7/10

  3. My vote for the best piece from the collection- Broderie anglaise! Love the decorative frill trim around the neck, the long sleeves and the narrow cuffs! This dress transports me to Paris! Rating: 8.5/10

  4. My picks from the accessories would be the large bracelet with beads and stones, large bell decorated earrings and I love love the reversible shopper! Rating: 8/10

  5. As I had mentioned before, the men’s collection didn’t catch my eye but I kind of like the applique t-shirt and the cotton belt. Rating: 6.5/10

    Well, this definitely is not the collab we wanted but it is a collab we need and hopefully with a better collection next time. I personally would love to see more of such different fashion markets coming together thus making it more accessible to the masses. However, this makes me wonder about the credibility of such a collaboration. Are the big fashion houses made to cater to the common people? Does it make the designers less aspirational and more cliche? Only time will tell!