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Like a summer breeze

Aathirai Rajasekar | April 09, 2021

Just when we thought 2021 was going to get better, here comes another lockdown!

If at all social media has taught us anything, it is that come rain or shine, fashion never sleeps. Throughout last year fashion has adapted new ways to thrive during the Covid situation. Summer is right around the corner, staying in pjs and sweats like we did last year is impossible. We have all been eagerly waiting to up our fashion game and take that new pretty little dress out for a spin, aren’t we? With utmost care and need be, we will have to go out and I for sure am not going to miss the smallest chance of dressing up, even if it is for a grocery run. Here are some suggestions that might help you take over summer along with some ice popsicles and tender coconut.

Be responsible, try to stay indoors as much as possible but not at the cost of your fashion game! Your Zoom meeting demands you to look presentable, doesn’t it?

The pantone colour of the year is yellow, the perfect colour for summer! Apart from this, colours like pirouette, purple rose, marigold were spotted to be trending on the runway!

Here are some TPS reccos to beat the heat!

  1. Nothing screams chic like a nice, crisp Kaftan! Right from Kareena Kapoor to your next door diva, you can see ‘em all donning Kaftans to own the season. Designers like Masaba Gupta and Ritu Kumar, have taken their Kaftan game seriously and made it a trend!

  2. Cotton dresses have a special place in all our hearts! For the longest time, they have been our go to for summers and they are never going out of style! Puffy sleeves being one of the top Spring/ Summer ‘21 trends, Victorian sleeves for the win!

  3. Crop tops are every girl’s best friend. However, try to avoid stretchy or bodycon ones made out of lycra or any other polyester material to escape the summer rashes/burns. Good old cotton ones or baggy ones should definitely make you feel less icky!

  4. Chikan kurtas are definitely a must have. They’re available in so many vibrant and pastel colours, you just cannot have enough of them! Again, try to use cotton materials as much as you can but if you are someone who works in an air conditioned room, you don’t have to worry as much.

  5. Of course, not to forget wide legged trousers to give that oomph factor to your outfit. They are so fashionable, that they have been a constant since the 80s. They are perfect for both work and casual wear as they make your look effortless.

  6. Scarfs and headwraps to the rescue! Managing your mane during the summer is a task. I generally throw my hair in a bun and forget it! In spite of it, they look shabby and there’s a constant urge to redo them. However, these big scrunchies or headwraps keep my hair in place, make it look pretty and of course, saves me from the trouble of washing my hair every other day!

At the end of the day, nothing is going to save your ass as much as a big bottle of water and some fruits! Gorge on some yummy mangoes, look summer fresh, sanitize frequently and most importantly be the queen that you are and take proper care of yourself!

Until next time :)