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Outfit inspo: Holiday Edition!

Aathirai Rajasekar | December 21, 2020

With Christmas and New year right around the corner, I am sure all of us have exempted ourselves from splurging a bit and looking our best selves after spending months in lockdown. Now that things are loosening up a bit and going out once in a while with ample precautions to unwind is being normalized, dressing up and living our best life in those moments are important!

Though we don’t celebrate Christmas at home, I love the vibes of the season so much! For me Christmas is all about joy, glitter and sequins. Right from my teens I have always told myself that whenever I have my own space, I’d definitely host a Christmas party, bake cake for my guests and dress up in a sequin dress, for ‘tis the season to be jolly!

Is it just me or is the week between Christmas and New year, the happiest week of the year! Not sure if it’s the smell of hot cocoa or the holiday discounts or the beautiful lights, but there’s something in the air that makes it so special! For a season that is this joyous, it would be a crime to not look amazing! If you are someone who’s into last minute shopping or if you are generally indecisive like me, here are some suggestions that might help you put together your holiday outfit:

1. Sequins all the wayyy! Yes, my obsession with sequins is real! It could be a sequin dress or a blouse or a skirt, any form of it screams glam.

2. Tulle skirts are the epitome of laid back yet chic outfits! You could pair them with a cute graphic tee or a sweater (if you’re up for experimenting) or a casual shirt!

3. One can never be underdressed or overdressed in a little black dress or a satin dress. So much has been spoken about the little black dress, hence, my pick for the season would be a Satin dress. A simple satin dress with a statement jewellery will make people stare and you’ll make it worth their while!

4. For all you men out there, nothing like a good pair of chinos to save your day! You can either opt for a semi formal look if you pair them with a shirt and french tuck it or if you want to keep it cas’, wear a sweater on top of your shirt to complete your holiday look!

5. Flannel shirts for the win! If you don’t have any plans for this holiday season but to catch up on Netflix or meet your friends for an evening, this comfortable piece of clothing will make you feel as cozy as winters.

Make sure you buy something that you can style differently so it won’t be left unused in your wardrobe. If you are not too particular about wearing new clothes for such occasions, try thrifting! You can check out my previous post for reference! Happy holidays, TPS fam!