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My Fashion Wishlist

Aathirai Rajasekar | October 13, 2020

I remember being in my tweens when I first heard the term “wishlist”. The innocent kid in me made a wish list that consisted of having ice cream everyday without catching a cold to flying my very own plane. Gosh, how I wish we all retained a bit of that innocence in us.

But now, with my priorities being different and a little fashion centric, I do have a fashion wishlist. This list comprises some classic yet exquisite pieces that I’d like to own someday.

1. Chanel Quilted Bag

This is the classic double flap bag! This is one of the most recognized Chanel bags. This bag was designed by Karl Lagerfeld in the 1980s, which is a remix of the original Chanel 2.55 made by Gabrielle Chanel in February, 1955. Apart from the elegance and simplicity associated with this bag, I love the rich history behind it as well.

2. Red Bottoms

Now, this is a term even a fashion layman would understand. Popularized by stars and songs, nothing screams luxe like red bottoms! Christain Louboutin is known for his finely crafted footwear which has a red sole, hence the term red bottom. It is almost a fashion crime if one doesn’t own/adore these beauties!

3. Valentino Pumps

I am channeling my inner Carrie Bradshaw and it’s raining shoes in my list. I absolutely love Valentino’s rockstud collection because it is a fine balance between edgy and feminine. This was launched in 2010, in order to bridge the gap between couture and chic. When paired with a suit, they make you look powerful and when paired with a dress, sexy will be your middle name. Brownie points just for the flexibility.

4. LBD by Givenchy

Though Chanel was the first to launch the very fashionable ‘Little Black Dress’, it was Givenchy who made it desirable. When he dressed Audrey Hepburn in ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’, along with a white pearl necklace, it made every woman weak on her knees, more than Bradley Cooper or Brad Pitt ever did. Black has always been a colour rich in symbolism but one can never go wrong in them.

5. Gucci Belt

An accessory can make or break an outfit and I’d much rather go through the beats in a Gucci belt than some tacky belt. This goes perfectly with your dresses, casual tees and for the love of god, even with your sarees. I am planning towards building a capsule wardrobe in the future and this would be an ideal fit in my dream wardrobe.

When you are investing so much on your wardrobe, I’d suggest you all to go for some timeless pieces. When I first started following fashion I was introduced to some of these pieces and it was love at first sight. Whereas I was in awe of the others because of the history and the extravaganza that comes with it. As much as I want to cater to that side of me, as a responsible adult I want to make a conscious decision to support homegrown and sustainable brands. However, I learnt that sustainability is also being able to use fast fashion in a wiser way and for a longer term, which roughly translates into versatility and utilitarianism. Hence, I am trying to make a perfect balance between the two, so I can be fashionable as ever even 10 years down the line because these pieces will never go out of style like George Clooney.